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Carpet Cleaning and Rug Cleaning

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Professional carpet cleaning

Probably the most noticeable thing when you enter a room is the carpet or the area rug. For a perfectly clean carpet, Staff Cleaning is the ideal solution. Our team uses the most efficient and modern equipment, professional cleaning products and techniques to deep clean your carpet or rug.

home carpet cleaners

It’s a proven fact that over 75% of the grime that exists in a room gathers on the floor, carpet or area rug. We bring dust, germs, bacteria, dirt on the bottoms of our shoes, and we spread them all over the house.

That’s why area rug cleaning and carpet cleaning is so important and should be a foremost when it comes to home hygiene. It’s not sufficient just to brush it and vacuum it, but it also needs to be deep cleaned carefully, to remove any dirt, bacteria, or stains.

Carpet cleaning prices with monodisc and active foam

The products used must be in accordance with the material of the carpet or area rug, so you do not affect its color. Because of one little stain, the entire surface can be damaged, so why not use specialized help?

It is recommended to vacuum carpets and rugs at least twice a week, and call for a professional thoroughly cleaning at least once per 4-6 months.

Thanks to our experience, high-quality equipment and cleaning products, we remove the stains leaving your carpet perfectly clean and sanitized. Stop worrying about which is the perfect cleaning solution for stains, we guarantee outstanding results!